Applying for Leave combined with Official International Travel

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To specify the criteria and process for approvals that apply when taking leave while travelling overseas for departmental purposes.


​Official Travel

Employees/Departmental Officers (except Departmental officers engaged offshore on Department of Education and Training international projects) cannot apply for leave while on official travel unless:

  • overseas business activity is for a period of four weeks or more and
  • employee applies for leave accrued during the period of overseas travel only (i.e. leave accrued prior to overseas travel cannot be included).

An employee on official travel is entitled to access two (2) rest days following every five (5) work days.

Employees/Departmental Officers employed on Department of Education and Training international projects for 6 months or more may apply for leave while on official travel in accordance with Leave Entitlements for Employees.

Courses paid by the employee while overseas on leave

Employees/Departmental Officers who attend a course at their own expense while on leave may have this activity recognised as relating to their employment. Recognition will occur in the form of a letter from the Department to be used by the employee to support any taxation deductions. This letter, however, does not guarantee acceptance of the claim on the part of the Australian Taxation Office.


​Employees/Departmental officers (excluding employees engaged on DETI international projects):

Official Travel

  • understand the criteria to apply for leave while on official travel
  • include details of leave in the Application for International Travel
  • once overseas travel has been approved, apply for leave through the delegated officer in accordance with departmental procedure.


  • consider the relative merits of any application requesting departmental recognition of an overseas professional development event to the individual’s work and role within the department.

Processing Officer:

  • on receipt of appropriately supported application, prepare letter of recognition
  • maintain records in accordance with departmental requirements.


​Please see above in Responsibilities.

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​Agency means the Department of Education, Training and Employment.

Course includes a formal course, seminar, conference or workshop.

Delegated Authority means the person or position authorised by the Director-General to make HR management related decisions.

DETI means Department of Education and Training International.

Leave means long service or recreation leave.

Official travel means overseas travel approved by the Director-General of the Department of Education and Training and the Minister for Education and Training.

Official travel does not include:

  • an employee traveling overseas on appointment to an overseas Queensland Government Office; or
  • an employee traveling overseas in accordance with a scholarship or Government Interchange Program.

Overseas travel means travel from Australia to an overseas country and to attend an approved work related activity.

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