School recovery processes for school-purchased labour procedure

Version number 4.3 | Version effective 08 January 2021
School recovery processes for school-purchased labour procedure


All state schools


This procedure outlines the approach for the recovery of salaries, including on-costs, from schools for school purchased labour.


Schools have the flexibility to purchase labour over and above their regular allocation of staff resources.

Staff employed through school purchase are paid through the Central payroll system, TSS, with salaries and related on-costs recovered from schools each fortnight via a direct sweep of schools’ bank accounts.

Schools must ensure that they have sufficient budget and available funds to cover any school labour purchases. Schools can calculate staff costs, including on-costs, using the School Purchase page in the School Budget Solution Staffing module.

On-costs recovered from schools as part of this process include:

  • Annual leave
  • Leave loading
  • Long service leave levy
  • Sick leave/ emergent/ parental
  • Superannuation
  • Worker’s compensation.

On-cost rates will vary for different types of employees, such as casual and temporary, given the differing nature of their employment. A detailed breakdown of costs can be found in the On-cost recovery table.

The payment of on-costs by schools means that leave costs will be covered by the Central “pool” for leave and schools will therefore be able to replace school-purchased labour without additional cost.



  • Ensure sufficient funds are available for school-purchased labour
  • Approve the appointment


1. School

  • determines need for school-purchased labour
  • uses the School Budget Solution – Staffing – School Purchase page to determine full cost of proposed labour purchase
  • employs staff
  • completes the Appointment and Roster Variation Form (DoE employees only) with staff details
  • forwards Appointment and Roster Variation Form to Payroll.

2. Human Resources

  • processes the Appointment and Roster Variation Form through TSS.

3. Finance Branch

  • processes fortnightly direct debit sweep from school bank accounts
  • emails Direct Debit Notification advice to schools.

4. School

  • reconciles Direct Debit Notification advice in OneSchool.





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