New policies and procedures


​​​​​​ The following table outlines new policies and procedures that have been introduced in the last six months. 

Sometimes a new policy or procedure has replaced a document previously published on the Policy and Procedure Register. If this has occurred, you will find information on the decommissioned policies and procedures page.

Version effective
​Teacher housing procedure​
​This new procedure outlines the processes and responsibilities for tenancy management of teacher housing, including eligibility, the application process, and allocation of housing. This procedure supports the updated Teacher housing policy. For more details see the Summary of changes​.
Foreign arrangements – Commonwealth notifications and approvals procedure​
​This new procedure has been introduced to assist schools, regional offices and central office to meet the requirements of the Commonwealth’s Foreign Relations (State and Territory Arrangements) Act 2020. For more details see​ Summary of changes​​. 
​​Norfolk Island Central School student protection procedure
A new procedure outlining the responsibilities of employees and visitors to Norfolk Island Central School (NICS) when dealing with student protection matters, and the process for responding when, in the course of their employment or duties, an employee or visitor at NICS suspects a student, child or young person has been harmed or is at risk of harm.​ For more details see ​Summary of changes​.
​​Managing offers of assistance in disaster events procedure

This new procedure assists responsible officers in schools, regions and the department, to manage offers of assistance received during or following a disaster event, and is a requirement within the Continuity, disaster and emergency management policy. For more details see Summary of changes​.
Sun safety i​​n state schools ​procedure
​​This procedure supports existing requirements for sun safety in schools, with the addition of new swim shirt requirements for secondary students. The procedure also includes a sun safety policy template to assist schools and reduce workload.​ For more details see Summary of changes​.
​Official international travel for business and professional development​ procedure​

This new procedure outlines the responsibilities and processes for official international travel for the purpose of business development and/or professional development activities, in line with departmental requirements and the whole-of-government Air Travel Policy. For more details see Summary of changes.​
Rural and Remote Education Access Program (RREAP) procedure​
​This new procedure supports eligible rural and remote state schools to administer RREAP funding. It requires principals to consult with their school community regarding how best to expend funds and maintain clearly identifiable records of all expenses. The procedure supersedes the RREAP guidelines and removes the requirement for annual acquittals.​ For more details see Summary of changes.
Recruitment and selection procedure
​This procedure was created as part of integrity and governance reforms to support understanding of recruitment and selection processes and responsibilities. For more details see Summary o​f changes.
​​​OneSchool access management and use procedure​​​

​​The OneSchool access management and use procedure has been developed to provide a clear explanation and direction for departmental staff on a consistent process for the management of OneSchool user access, roles and responsibilities. ​For more details see Summar​y of changes.
​​Community use of state school facilities policy​

​​The new Community use of state school facilities policy requires community users to comply with the applicable planning laws to ensure the proposed community use is permitted under the relevant local planning scheme. For more details see Summary of changes​.

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