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Application for student enrolment form1217620/07/2022 2:32:01 AM20/07/2022 2:32:01 AMEducation (General Provisions) Act 2006 Section 155(1) Approved form SEF – 1 V8 Uncontrolled copy Refer to the Department of Education Policy and Procedure Register at STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary{C48FBBFF-9D6E-44DF-85B6-C630566A0811}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Z1/Skins/CUESearch/DisplayTemplates/Item_PDF.js606;15606
Inclusive education policy4512510/12/2021 5:37:48 AM10/12/2021 5:37:48 AMVersion number 1.3 | Version effective 10 August 2021 The Inclusive education policy applies department-wide including all state schools and educational settings STS_ListItem_850{F65DBDEB-A7E3-4376-8E24-30A69D59F35E}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Z1/Skins/CUESearch/DisplayTemplates/Item_Default.js604;16604
Inclusive education policy124598/12/2021 6:02:09 AM8/12/2021 6:02:09 AMPage 1 of 6 Uncontrolled copy. Refer to the Department of Education Policy and Procedure Register at to ensure you have STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary{C21E2CF6-7897-47A8-B7DB-3F005022A51A}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Z1/Skins/CUESearch/DisplayTemplates/Item_PDF.js606;15606
Guidelines for the allocation of state education1269229/01/2021 2:24:00 AM29/01/2021 2:24:00 AMWhere a refugee student seeks to enrol in a Queensland state school having received no However, a refugee student may be placed in Year 8 and allocated more than 10 remaining STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary ***NOTE: These guidelines should be used in conjunction with the Allocation of State Education procedure***;Calculating remaining allocations;Considering all relevant information when deciding remaining allocations;Allocation decisions;Examples;Schooling prior to 2007;Delayed entry to Prep students;Exemptions;Mature-age students;Where a person seeks to enrol at a prescribed mature age state school as a mature age student, the principal will calculate that student’s remaining allocation, considering all relevant matters as outlined in calculating remaining allocation. If the student is considered to have already benefited from their full allocation of semesters, whether in Queensland, interstate or overseas, the student may apply to the principal for an additional allocation of up to 2 semesters. Mature-age students should be advised of the range of options available (such as TAFE) to further their education.;Pre-Prep;Prior to turning 16 years;Refugee students;Repeating students;Students from non-state schools, home education, interstate or overseas;Students undertaking a combination of studies455326CC;7C2B0A2B;1F818675;54A8248D;78FBA0E7;70D9F9EF;5B314B1B;40F46CF3;614C7525;06518A61;1EB3FA75;637A9E8C;418BC1D2;4744A562;2195670A;15A7553B{A7245503-DCEE-491C-82FB-A979AB384252}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Z1/Skins/CUESearch/DisplayTemplates/Item_Word.js610;1610
SSMH4 Form – Application for supplementary funding to support students with mental health difficulties1262810/02/2021 12:29:00 AM10/02/2021 12:29:00 AMStudents who have more serious mental health difficulties may require resources in addition to what the school can provide When applying for supplementary funding, schools Refugee STS_ListItem_DocumentLibrary – Application for supplementary funding to support students with mental health difficulties;The student’s personal information included on this form has been collected, used and distributed for the purpose of ascertaining and establishing referral and support options for the student’s suspected mental health difficulty, with the informed consent of the student and/or their parent/carer, pursuant to s.426(4) of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 (Qld).{6518D2C1-C0BB-4398-9BB5-324840FD571D}~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Z1/Skins/CUESearch/DisplayTemplates/Item_Word.js610;1610

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