Upcoming policies and procedures


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The upcoming policies and procedures list contains items that are scheduled for implementation in the coming months. The list is provided for information purposes to enable affected stakeholders to plan and prepare for implementation.

The effective date is clearly identified for each policy or procedure on this list.

In the interim, it is important for staff and stakeholders to continue to refer to any current version published on the Policy and Procedure Register.

Version effective
​Recruitment and selection procedure​
This procedure was created as part of integrity and governance reforms to support understanding of recruitment and selection processes and responsibilities. This procedure will be implemented on 24/01/2022.​
Continuity, disaster and emergency management policy​​
​This policy articulates the department’s approach to managing disruptive events across prevention, preparedness, response and recovery for schools, regions and divisions. It has been updated to cater for events requiring additional capabilities and to address variation in the nature, scale, impact and duration of disruptive events. This policy will be implemented on 24/01/2022.
Business continuity management procedure

​This procedure has been updated to ensure business continuity plans are adaptable and scalable to address variation in the nature, scale, impact and duration of different disruptive events. The procedure streamlines processes for schools, regions and divisions and promotes fit-for-purpose planning. This procedure will be implemented on 24/01/2022.
Managing offers of assistance in disaster events procedure

​This new procedure assists responsible officers in schools, regions and the department, to manage offers of assistance received during or following a disaster event, and is a requirement within the Continuity, disaster and emergency management policy. This procedure will be implemented on 24/01/2022.
Rural and Remote Education Access Program (RREAP) procedure​

This new procedure supports eligible rural and remote state schools to administer RREAP funding. It requires principals to consult with their school community regarding how best to expend funds and maintain clearly identifiable records of all expenses. The procedure supersedes the RREAP guidelines and removes the requirement for annual acquittals. This procedure will be implemented on 24/01/2022.
​Official international travel for business and professional development​ procedure​

This new procedure outlines the responsibilities and processes for official international travel for the purpose of business development and/or professional development activities, in line with departmental requirements and the whole-of-government Air Travel Policy. This procedure will be implemented 24/01/2022.​
​​Parents and Citizens' Associations proced​ure
​This procedure has been updated to include information sheets about the  responsibilities of P&Cs operating Outside School Hours Care services and about conflict resolution. It articulates the responsibilities of Executive Committees, reflects current delegations, and includes human rights legislation. This procedure will be implemented in schools from 24 January 2022.​
​Fundraising procedure​

​This procedure provides detailed information for employees, students and P&Cs conducting fundraising activities within the department, particularly in schools. A fundraising guideline has also been developed to assist fundraisers. The Fundraising procedure will replace the existing Fundraising policy and be implemented 24/01/2022. 
Donations and bequests procedure

This procedure provides greater clarity on employee responsibilities and the process steps to be taken relating to the administration of donations and bequests. It also contains key considerations to assist both employees who are given a donation or bequest and approvers in determining the appropriateness and suitability of donations or bequests. This procedure will be implemented 24/01/2022.​
​​Student dress code procedure

​This procedure has been updated to include human rights legislation, disability standards and requirements for reasonable adjustment. Checklists have been updated and advice for resolving student dress code issues revised. The school logo licence has been consolidated. This procedure will be implemented from 24 January 2022.​
Management of contagious conditions procedure​​
​This procedure has been updated to: reflect legislative changes (e.g. COVID-19 now listed, Chief Health Officer Directives impacting schools); include responsibilities for parents/carers; and ensure relevant terms are defined. The procedure includes a new letter template for principals to use following PHMO advice. This procedure will be implemented on 24/01/2022.​​
Sun safety i​​n state schools procedure​

​This procedure supports existing requirements for sun safety in schools, with the addition of new swim shirt requirements for secondary students. The procedure also includes a sun safety policy template to assist schools and reduce workload. This procedure will be implemented on 24/01/2022.​

Agistment of livestock procedure​

​This procedure has been updated to comply with current biosecurity legislation and to clarify responsibilities and processes for schools. A scheduled review has been completed that aimed to improve the useability and clarity of documents.

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