New and updated policies and procedures


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The following table outlines policies and procedures that have been developed, updated or decommissioned in the last six months. Administrative updates such as hyperlink changes are not included.​

A version number ending in '0' means a full review has been do​ne and the content may have changed significantly. A version number ending in any other number signifies a minor change.

Version effective
Version numberNotes

​​Domestic travel procedure
​Procedure updated to clarify that employees are not permitted to access discounted rates to purchase or renew their own private airline lounge membership. Additionally, references to the Domestic Travelling and Relieving Expenses Directive are updated to the current version. For more details see the Summary of changes​.
​Exemptions from compulsory schooling and compulsory participation procedure

4.3​​The procedure and some supporting documents, including the Application for exemption for a child or young person enrolled in a Queensland state school, have been updated to include the addition of Head of Campus and Head of School to the existing position of Principal in relation to exemption decisions for students enrolled in a state school. This reflects the recent changes made to the Director-General delegations under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006.​
​Gifts and benefits procedure

​The procedure has been updated to delegate authority to approve gifts and benefits and reduce the administrative burden of the declaration process.​ For more details see the Summary of changes​​
​​Distance education enrolment and fees procedure

The procedure and supporting documents have been updated to reflect changes to school-based student applications for enrolment, the Schedule of fees for the provision of distance education in Queensland and a minor change to a reference to flexible arrangements for non-state school-based students. For more details see the Summary of changes​.
​Naming and opening of departmental assets procedure  
​The procedure includes an amalgamation and updating of two procedures into one and strengthens the naming conventions, process sections and consultation requirements. For more details see the Summary of changes
Flexible arrangements involving an alternative education provider procedure 
​The updated procedure focuses on simplifying  and clarifying certain aspects of the flexible arrangement planning and approval process, including when a flexible arrangement may be used. For more details see the Summary of details
Disclosing personal information to law enforcement agencies procedure 
​The updated procedure simplifies the process for sharing information with a law enforcement agency (LEA). For more details see the Summary of changes
​Employee separation procedure
The updated procedure focuses on clarifying the process and resposibilities involved when an employee ceases employment with the department or from a role within the department. For more details see the Summary of changes.
​International school study tours procedure
The updated procedure focuses on changes to the minimum age requirements and rules regarding homestays. For more details see the Summary of changes.
Complaints and appeals – subclass 500 (schools) visa procedure
​The procedure has been updated to create a new corporate role to manage appeals, and to update titles, email and document names that have changed due to restructuring. ​
Donations and bequests procedure​
​The procedure has been updated to remove all reference to P&Cs operating Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) funds. This results from legislative changes that were effective from 14 December 2022, which mean P&C Associations can no longer claim DGR status. 
​Criminal history check procedure​
​The procedure and CHC form have been updated to ensure​ hardcopies of identification are not collected or retained during the CHC process. For further information see the summary of changes​
Reporting contact with lobbyists procedure
​The format and content of the procedure has been updated to align with the department's Policy Management Framework. The process of reporting contact with lobbyists has not ​changed. However, the procedure now includes stronger linkages to reporting conflicts of interest. For further information see the summary of changes .  
Complaints involving the 'public official' (Director-General) procedure
​The procedure has been updated to improve readability and clarify scope and responsibilities. While the process of reporting complaints has not changed, the procedure now allows for complaints of misconduct. For further details see the summary of changes .
Advertising procedure
​Updates focus on simplifying and clarifying the requirements for school and corporate staff when managing incoming and outgoing advertising. Information about political advertising in schools has been developed into a stand-alone protocol. For further details see the summary of changes
Roll marking in state schools procedure
​Updated to clearly articulate, and ensure a consistent understanding of, the responsibilities of roll marking by assigned officers, and of monitoring roll marking processes by principals and regions. For further details see the summary of changes .  ​