Workplace rehabilitation procedure

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The Department of Education, Training and Employment provides workplace rehabilitation programs to assist each employee with a current accepted WorkCover claim as per Section 220 of the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (Qld).

In addition, the Department may provide workplace rehabilitation programs to assist employees who do not have a current accepted WorkCover claim return to work, where operationally reasonable.  When making decisions about what is or will be considered operationally reasonable the Department will consider, on the balance of the employee’s and workplace’s needs, the following:

Examples of when the Department may not offer a rehabilitation program to an employee who does not have a current accepted WorkCover claim when the employee: 

  • does not want rehabilitation support
  • does not provide the Department with a current medical authority form if this is required to facilitate rehabilitation
  • does not comply with appropriate medical treatment
  • does not actively participate in an agreed rehabilitation program
  • does not provide enough medical information for the Department to be able to manage health and safety risks to the employee/or other people in the workplace.
  • is employed casually.

Rehabilitation programs for departmental employees consist of appropriate and meaningful suitable duties that are negotiated with employees, their supervisors and their treating medical practitioners. Employees participating in a rehabilitation program will be treated with confidentiality, respect and equity as outlined in this procedure. This approach helps provide a timely, safe and lasting return to productive work, thus enabling employees to respond to the needs of students and communities.

This Workplace Rehabilitation Procedure provides details of how the Department of Education, Training and Employment assists injured and ill employees to return to work following an injury or an illness, including responsibilities of all parties in this process. It encompasses rehabilitation for both work related and non-work related injuries.

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10 January 2014
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