Recognition of qualifications - teachers procedure

Version number 1.0 | Version effective 21 June 2018
Recognition of qualifications - teachers procedure


This procedure applies to all state schools teachers engaged under the Teaching in State education Award – State 2016 (the award).


This procedure sets out how a teacher’s qualifications will be assessed for the purpose of determining their salary classification level.


A teacher’s salary classification level is determined based on qualifications attained and length of service as a teacher.

New teachers are identified during the engagement process and their qualifications are assessed based on information provided in their application to teach against criteria in section 12.3.2 of the award.

Existing teachers who gain additional qualifications during their employment can also apply for recognition of these qualifications.

For more information about levels of qualifications, see the recognition of qualifications factsheet.



  • Follow the designated process for preparing and requesting recognition of qualifications.
  • Provide requests for the recognition of qualifications to Teacher classification team, Payroll services, within one month of the date of appointment as a teacher, or attainment of the qualification.
  • Provide further documentary evidence, if requested, within the required three month period.

Teacher classification team, Payroll services

  • Assess each application and assign the correct salary classification level.
  • Determine the Australian equivalency of overseas qualifications and assign the correct salary classification level.

Manager, Payroll services (approving officer)

  • Approve recommendations made by the Teacher classification team regarding the teacher’s salary classification level, based on assessment of qualifications.

Teacher applicant centre

  • Enter qualification information into the relevant HR systems for applicants seeking recognition of qualifications. The Teacher classification team will use this information to determine the classification for the teacher.


1. Identification of / application for recognition of qualifications

Identification of possible eligibility for recognition of qualifications can occur in three ways:

  • New employee provides details of their qualifications on the application to teach form. The Teacher applicant centre ensures qualification information is entered into the relevant HR systems.
  • The Teacher classification team identifies new teachers based on their employment history and requests information about their qualifications from the new teacher, if not already on the file.
  • On completion of new qualifications, the teacher emails the Teacher classifications team directly to request an assessment of their new qualification/s.

All requests for assessment of qualifications must be submitted within one month of the date of appointment as a teacher, or attainment of the qualification.

The Teacher classifications team informs the teacher of the supporting documentation required to support their assessment. This may include but is not limited to:

  • a certified copy of the transcript of results, stating completion date
  • a certified copy of the parchment
  • letter from the university stating completion of course.

For the salary classification level to be adjusted from appointment / attainment date, any requested additional information must be provided by the employee within three months of the request. If this information is provided outside of this timeframe, the salary classification level will be adjusted from the date the finalised documentation is received by the Teacher classifications team.

2. Assessment of application

The Teacher classifications team determines and calculates the salary classification level for recognition of qualifications based on the level of qualifications identified in section 12.3.2 of the award.

  • Where DoE provides employment opportunities for high-calibre pre-service teachers to undertake school-based internships, interns will be appointed to the salary step of Band 1, step 1.
  • A three year trained teacher will be appointed at Band 1, step 1.
  • A four year trained teacher will be appointed at Band 2, step 1.
  • A teacher admitted to the service as a four year trained teacher who has an approved Bachelor degree with first and second degree honours from a recognised university plus one year of teachers' education or two approved degrees from a recognised university plus one year of teachers education will commence on the salary prescribed for the second year of service.
    The classification of Band 2, step 2 is only applicable prior to the completion of 12 months (full time equivalent) of teaching service. If additional qualifications were completed after 12 months, this additional salary step would not be granted upon appointment with the department. The increment date for teachers who complete the required qualifications after commencement of duty will be 12 months (full time equivalent) from the date of the completed additional qualification.

The salary bands and steps are detailed in Part 4 of the award.

Further information about each of these levels of qualifications is provided in the recognition of qualification factsheet.

For qualifications from overseas, the Teacher classification team references documentation provided by the federal government body, Australian Education International National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (AEI NOOSR).

The Teacher classifications team can request additional information if required from the teacher to complete their assessment.

3. Notification of outcome of assessment

The Teacher classifications team informs the employee of the outcome of their application via a payslip message. The decision can be appealed following the managing employee complaints procedure.




Approving officer

The role responsible for the approvals of salary classification levels based on the assessment of qualifications.

Salary classification level

The remuneration level determined after assessment of qualifications and relevant teaching/industry service.

It is important to note that the assessment of qualifications for salary classification level stands alone and is not determined by registration as a teacher.


An honours degree has the qualification title of “Bachelor (field of study / discipline) (Honours)”. The degree is typically one year following a Bachelor degree, or may be imbedded in a Bachelor degree, typically as an additional year.

First and second degree honours, relates to the Weighted Average Mark (WAM) calculated for each student and does not meet the criteria of an honours degree.



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